Tips for Quitting Cigarette Smoking

17 May

 The world loses close to half a million of its population annually to cigarette smoking.   This makes it the number one cause of deaths which can be prevented.   To many people, this does not come as a surprise. There is a lot of data cautioning people about the dangers of smoking cigarettes.   The surprise lies in that close to seventy percent of the smokers are trying their best to quit.   You should be happy that there are a number of ways that you can end up succeeding in this fight.  Nicotine addiction is the reason why people struggle to quit this habit.  Without help you will keep on failing but the idea is to start with all the information you need in order to succeed in this.   no matter what you do, you shouldn't forget about nicotine replacement therapy. This is what making cigarette smoking addictive.   Doing this blindly will mean having to deal with the severe withdrawals that will lead you back to smoking. 

With a non-tobacco nicotine replacement therapy there is a very high chance that you will indeed quit smoking.   You can get the replacement in the form of sprays, lozenges, patches, as well as gum.  You can now get them in e-vapes too which mimic cigarette and provide nicotine so that you can still smoke without exposing yourself to the cancer-causing chemicals.   There is also the option of asking your physician for a prescription too.  If you have been smoking for years, it will be quite hard for you because of the serious withdrawal symptoms.  Your doctor can give you a prescription to manage the withdrawals symptoms so that you can follow through with the plan until the end.  You can also try using hemp.   You can cut down the smoking by 40% if you go for CBD.  With low side effects and a lot of benefits, this is a great choice for those who are looking to quit smoking and you can go to this homepage to 

learn more.

 CBD is derived from the hemp plant and there are no psychoactive effects associated with it.  It relieves inflammation, anxiety and also pain.  You can get it as vape oil, edible, gel capsule or tincture.   Ensure you are patient with the progress you are making no matter how slow you might think it is and you can click for more here.  You will not just declare that you want to quit smoking and expect that to happen immediately.  The addiction might be in your genes and you can view here for more.   When you are struggling to quit you will be doing the opposite of your genetic coding.  Your brain will already have internalized the pattern as well. Just click here for more info.

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